Welcome to my site!
I am a prolific painter using a variety of styles.
My inspiration comes from a love of colour.
I create each painting with individuality.
I like the fact that people see so many different things in each one.

  • Blue Pot Close Up Home Ilfra contemporary abstract paintings decorative landscapes interior design colourful imaginative images
  • Indian Ocean Beach 1 Eastern Travels Gallery Eastern Travles Gallery - Ilfra Carlick painting
  • Japanese Bridge ( after Monet) Landscapes Landscapes, Ilfra Carlick painting
  • Urbanscape January Urbanscapes Urbanscapes, Ilfra Carlick painting
  • Apartment 18 Z Fantasy Interiors Fantasy Interiors, Ilfra Carlick painting
  • Dark Hillside Blue Abstract Paintings Ilfra's contemporary musical abstract colourful joyful oil paintings
  • Carnival 2 Allegro Gallery Allegro Gallery, Ilfra Carlick painting